Who are Lexmark and why do BBT Work with them?

' innovators of the latest imaging solutions and tehnology '

Lexmark, founded in 1991 have become innovators of the latest imaging solutions and technologies that help all their customers print at the highest quality. They create a solution that is secure and allows customers to manage their information easily and efficiently whilst pairing it with unmatched value. Lexmark have been in the printing industry for a long time which means they have a deep understanding of the printing world and have experience working to simplify complex industries like retail, healthcare, education, government and more. Lexmark are now recognised as a leader in imaging and output technology solutions across the globe selling products and services in over 170 countries.

Business by Technology don’t just work with random companies when it comes to who we partner with. So when we chose Lexmark as one of our partners, it was a decision we made lightly. We believe any of our partners should share similar values to our own. With this at the core of our decision we have solid foundations for a successful business relationship.  Lexmark believe in keeping innovation and integrity at the centre of everything they do. They also focus on excellence in the products they deliver and keep exceptional quality at heart. Thier printing solutions have been designed to be agile and fit into any workplace regardless of the size of the business and can adapt quickly as your business grows and evolves.

' solid foundations for a successful business relationship '

' Move from chaos to order as your business evolves '

Lexmark manufacture copiers, laser printers, multi-functional devices (MFDs) and digital print systems for office based solutions. Apart from the actual copiers/printers themselves, Lexmark’s software is also at the forefront of importance. Their Managed printing software allows your business to move from chaos to order as it allows you to gain complete control over not just your printers but your whole document environment. As your business grows you need a system that can cater for that and that is exactly what Lexmark can offer. All their printers can be collated together to create a powerful fleet that is forever interchangeable as you and your printing needs evolve and grow. You must be able to adapt to allow users to print from their smartphone and tablet and Lexmark provide the ability to do that.

Lexmark is based in Lexington Kentucky but have offices that cover all the continents across the globe. They also work with many partners in all areas of the world to spread their technology far and wide and that exactly is what business by technology do. We work day in day out to provide a top quality managed printing service that goes beyond what customers would expect. Lexmark provides the solid machines that BBT can rely on to build upon and make the best solutions for our customers. Lexmark is built to withstand the highest speeds and have many models designed so that no matter what the problem, Lexmark and BBT can create solution for it. Lexmark benchmark the printing industry when it comes to office printing with high print speeds low running costs and tight design to create a remarkable piece of tech.

' the benchmark in the printing industry when it comes to office printing '

' printers that have been packed tight with the latest technology '

Lexmark have become one of the dark horses when it comes to companies we work with. They have started to overtake the office environment and becoming among our bestselling office printers. They have worked incredibly hard to bring printers that have a low cost but still compete with some of the highest printing brands out there. Whilst they keep cost low Lexmark has released a new range of printers that have been packed tight with the latest technology making them the highest spec printers that Lexmark has ever produced.