Who are Samsung and why do BBT Work with them?

' their printers packed to the brim with the latest technology '

Samsung is a household name that is known across the globe for being one of the biggest technology companies in the world. They were founded in 1938 as a trading company. Samsung took the next three decades finding their groove going into areas like food textiles and even insurance. Samsung then ventured into the technology sector in the late 1960s which grew significantly. They are now the world’s 2nd largest technology company and produce some brilliant printing equipment perfect for those starting to build a printing fleet in an office. Their office printers are built to be cheap without sacrificing quality. Their company size allows them to keep on top of all the new technological trends making their printers packed to the brim with the latest technology.

Samsung develop office printers that keep speed and reliability at the forefront whilst keeping prices at the lowest. The Samsung printers have been packed with technology to make the workflow as streamlined as possible. Due to their technological background Samsung allow you to print from your mobile meaning that users can print from anywhere anytime. They also allow users to print from the cloud meaning they can work on documents anywhere and still print them in the office. With costs being an important factor when it comes to printing, Samsung integrates a usage tracking software that allows you to see where the expenses involved in your printing has come from.

' users can print from anywhere at anytime '

' enhance document security whilst reducing costs '

Security is becoming a big factor of printing and Samsung have recognised this and are implementing solutions that combat potential security threats. Samsung have a secure login manager that only allows authorised users to use the printer and stop and unauthorised access. Samsung also provide solutions that enhance document security whilst reducing costs with a two factor user authentication meaning only the user who printed the document can retrieve the document. Samsung printers have been designed to keep integrating multiple printers in the same place easy. They all link up using software that Samsung has been developed called printfleet and syncthru. This means that no matter how many printers you want, Samsung can cater.

Samsung printers have been designed with a top spec polymerised toner that creates smaller more uniform particles that conventional toner. With sharper lines and brighter colours, the toner also prevents the paper from curling. It also improves the durability of the printout. The latest fleet of Samsung printers have also double the processing power which means users get double the productivity from their printer. These two combined mean you get more quality and speed without creating a hike in price. Samsung also provide a speedy and flexible paper handling system that allows it to be flexible with any solution.

' Double the processing power to double productivity '

' printers that are so technologically advanced '

BBT find it very important that they work with some of the biggest brands in the printing industry like Samsung so that we can keep up to date with the latest technology whilst also providing a wide catalogue of printers to our customers. Working with Samsung means we get printers that are so technologically advanced we can then impress customers with the list of features our printers include. Whether you need a single printer that does simple printing or a printing fleet of multiple office printers that communicate with each other and also monitors usage then Samsung is a brand to consider. We will be happy to talk to any of our customers about the potential of intergrating some of the Samsung printers into their fleet along with new customers who don’t any printing solutions.