Vivid Matrix - Digital Print Laminators

' the Vivid Matrix 370p Laminator... is the one we recommend '

A laminator that just works sounds simple, but the reality is choosing one that works well with digital printers, is multifunctional, fully modular and one we can confidently stand behind to give a first-class finish has meant intensive product testing for speed, strength, durability, reliability and efficiency. In addition to this we have also been working closely with laminating film and machine manufactures to a point where we can now confidently say the Vivid Matrix 370p is the one we recommend. This is why as a company we committed to working with Vivid exclusively on laminators and after reading this page if you want to take a closer look then you can here and when you’re are ready to see one in action come over to one of our showrooms to see it in the flesh. What are you waiting for, the kettles on…

The Vivid Matrix 370p makes in house lamination very affordable so compared to outsourcing this work it pays for itself many times over in a short period of time. Starting the lamination process is extremely quick and within just 10 minutes of warming up you can start laminating your first printed sheets. Where the Matrix 370p really stands out is that it uses pneumatic rollers which use extremely high pressure making them twice as fast when covering digital print compared to ones without. With laminating speeds of up to 10 metres per minute turning work around is made quick and easy. In addition to fast turnaround times the machine has a small footprint so it is a perfect fit for businesses both big and small. This model of Vivid Matrix laminator also has a semi automated feed, automatic separation, automatic sheet register and overlap. These features along with the anti-curl bar helps to ensure reliable and consistent results meaning you can focus less on running the machine and more on production.

' makes in house lamination very affordable... and fast '

' We stock a huge range of laminate films... cheap prices '

We stock a huge range of laminate films at cheap prices which include the more common matt and gloss but we also have the soft touch in both clear and black. Gloss is your traditional smooth laminate which provides high durability against friction and helps draw out the colours in your imagery. Matt lamination is also durable but will make prints look smoother giving a more muted look to prints and have the benefit of a more premium feel. This can work very effectively when you want to communicate a softer impression. Soft touch laminate on the other hand provides a similar look to the matt lamination but has a premium quality feel to it however this time it feels almost like the skin of a peach and will be an instant talking point.

Beyond basic lamination the Matrix laminator is just as versatile because it can also provide a range of different finishes which would normally only be possible to achieve with more specialised skill and more expensive equipment to produce. These include foiling in a massive variety of colours and designs including holographic and a similar effect to spot UV which are all very easy to reproduce with only the Vivid Matrix 370p, a take-up unit and your Konica Minolta printer.

' the Matrix laminator... foiling... spot UV... holographic '