GDPR legislation and how it affects Printing & Digital Documents?

What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new EU regulation that will completely overhaul how businesses process and handle data that belong to EU residents. This means the regulation applies to companies that are in and out of the European union. The regulation is due to come into place in May 2018. Now that may seem a while away but with a considerable amount to do in preparation, you should really address it as soon as possible. GDPR is coming in to go alongside the data protection act as this is no longer deemed fit for purpose. Your business will have multiple areas that need to be taken care of when thinking about GDPR but one section you may not think about is your printers and how they may be affected by this new regulation. Here at BBT we know just how much information and data is stored on MFD’s and production printers and are now working with all their customers to help bring them inline so they are not caught off guard in 2018.

We offer a few software solutions that can help with this and are also on hand to give expert advice on whether you are compliant or not. If you are unsure where to start or have read a lot online and it still doesn't make sense, we have broken it down into 5 steps that will help make your printing and document management compliant with GDPR.

5 Steps to GDPR Compliant Printing

Secure your
printing device

You need to ensure you secure the end-to-end workflow of your printers. From when the print job is requested to how the document is handled after printing, everything needs to be considered.

Stop Unwanted Printing

It'd be no surprise if your company throw out hundreds of documents that have been falsely printed or forgotten about. With two factor print release, the job isn't printed until the user authenticates at the machine.

Protect Documents even after printing

Now that two factor authentication makes sure documents will land in the right hands, now what? How are they protected after print? How are they destroyed after use? These questions must be addressed.

Allow data owners to access their info

GDPR requires that companies holding data must allow data owners to access any data that the company holds about them. It is important that you allow your customers to access this information.

Allow Customers to say goodbye

GDPR also requires that you must allow your customers to remove any information you have about them. Our software solutions can offer a 1 button erase all function that deals with this for you.

How Business by Technology can help you get prepared for GDPR

If you gave GDPR a quick google you'll be hit with thousands of articles all telling you that it is only around the corner and scaremongering people into believing that they will be in grave danger if they do not get compliant as soon as possible. Here at BBT we work with you instead of scaring you into paying for things you may not need. Whether you are an existing customer of someone looking to join us, we are happy to come and complete an audit about what needs to be done to help you with becoming GDPR compliant with your printing and document management.

Once we have completed the audit, we will go through all the points that need addressing when it comes to protecting data in certain areas. We will then be able to also advise on some necessary action that can be taken to improve the areas of weakness. We could also offer you certain software solutions that may sort out any of the problems we have highlighted in the audit. Not only do we provide the software, we also have specialist come in and integrate the software for you and help train your staff up to use the software quickly and efficiently so that you have next to no downtime.

Whilst it is important to address what you need to do to become GDPR compliant, don't be scared into the wrong solution. If you want some advice or need one of our team to come out to see you about anything GDPR that's print related, make sure to contact us via telephone or our contact form. You can find all that information here on our contact page.