Here at BBT we pride ourselves on the many different industries we help day to day. From fitting multiple printers in a retail environment, to speaking with a new production company about how our production fleet can benefit them as a business, two days are never the same and each of our customers diverses from the next. We feel our managed printing solutions can fit into any working environment and make your life easier. It would be impossible to cover each and every industry that we work with but here are some of the industries that we deal with on a regular basis.

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Its a great privilege that BBT get to help the education sector. All our engineers are CRB checked which means that they are safe around children and young people. Our managed print solution means that printers are no longer a worry. Find our more here.



BBT work with multiple Printing business across the UK. We sell them top of the range Konica Minolta Production Printers that are geared to keep up with their fast paced enviornment. Find out how we help them improve their business here.