Managed Print Services

What is a Managed Printing Service?

When you work in an office that handles a lot of paper work, there is nothing worse than when the printer breaks down. It seems like such a small thing that should be easy to fix but there is no one around that can. Multiple colleagues will then try to fix the printer by turning it off and on again followed by hitting the sides of the machine. Surprise surprise neither works.  How about when the ink cartridge has run out and you realise that you forgot to order any new toner to replace it. Instantly the productivity levels in your business are dropping as employees focus more on fixing the printer than getting their work done.

Having down time in a production printing environment is any printing business owner’s nightmare. If you have a fleet of 3 production printers and one of them breaks down, you lose a third of your potential production level and that can become detrimental to your business. Not having anyone to call or contact about getting your printer fixed can be really frustrating and google can only take you so far. The majority of the time it would be so much easier to just be able to pick up the phone and get an engineer out asap. That’s where BBT come in. Our managed print service helps minimalise all of these issues and more.


4 Reasons to Go Managed

Instant Toner Order

We have the latest in printing technology that allows us to monitor your toner levels and send you out a new cartridge when your current toner is empty.

Meter Readings

Unlike other printing providers, we don’t request for you to submit your meter readings because we can automatically remotely take them for you.

Trained Engineers

BBT have a brilliant team of engineers that have been trained to fix even the trickiest of printing problems. They will be at your beck and call whenever you need them.

24/7 Print Backup

If you find our engineers are going to take over 24 hours to repair a major fault in your machine, BBT offer a 24/7 backup printing service with a 24 hours turnover.

How Business by Technology Tailor a Managed Printing Service for your Business?

Here at BBT, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ philosophy does not work in the printing world. After working in many different industries, it becomes impossible to apply one version of our service into another. Each customer gets a unique service that works with them and their business. We will come to you and survey your current printing fleet and start to draw out a plan on how we can improve the printing fleet whilst keeping the cost to a minimum. We have such a diverse range of production and office printers that we have a lot more freedom to tailor a managed print solution that’s perfect for your business.

We will also look for holes in your document management and workflow that we may also be able to improve with one of our various software solutions. It’s important that we do this to ensure your business gets the most out of your machines whilst also getting your printing ready for GDPR (read more here). Once we have completed surveying your current setup we will discuss with you what we feel needs changing/adding to your current setup to get the most out of your printers. Once all of this is agreed with you we will send out our specialist engineers to fit your new fleet of managed printers into your building. We do this in as minimal time as possible to ensure you have little down time.

Once we have installed your new fleet, you will then be able to use your printers as normal but now you no longer have to worry about the printer breaking down or running out of toner because Business by technology have you covered 24/7. Our Managed print services mean all you have to worry about is pressing print.