Digital Print Finishing

Digital vs Litho Print Finishing

There are two types of print finishing, digital and litho. At BBT we offer a wide range of Digital Machines to our customers but offer very little when it comes to litho finishing. So what is the difference? For those who are unsure of the difference between the two type of finishing, to put it simply, litho uses a wet ink that is offset using printing plates where as digital finishing uses toner on a press.

Litho printing can be seen to come with a lot of hassle when it comes to getting a job ready for print. It is done on a four colour process that requires each job to have 4 plates, each for the individual colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Litho is designed more towards long run printing jobs. This is because as you print more of the same thing, the cost goes down. In essence you’re only creating the plates once so can then print thousands of times from the same plates. The issue lies before and after printing. It takes a long time to set up these plates and also after printing, the ink requires around 5 working days to be completely dry before it is ready.

Digital printing also uses a four colour process to reproduce the colours from digital files like a PDF. Digital Printing requires no plates meaning it wastes a lot less chemicals and paper that would be used getting any plates ready. It becomes very cost effective for printing as it requires no setup before and is also printed as a finished product so does not need to dry.


4 Benefits of Digital Print Finishing

Cost Effective

Due to the nature of digital printing it can save a lot of money for printing jobs. It does not waste as many materials to prepare the job for printing.

Time Saver

When a job is printed digitally, it comes out finished. There is no waiting around for ink to dry. It also doesn’t require time for setup as no plates are required.

Easily Personalise

As no are plates involved, personalised print is much easier with digital print. For those who personalise print with names and addresses, digital is much easier.

Accurate Proof

When you create your design on a computer, what you see is usually what will be printed with digital. Litho costs more for proof as plates must be made.

Business By Technology and Print Finishing

BBT feel many of our customers would benefit from a digital print finishing system and have a range that we offer. We work with some of the biggest brands like Vivid and Duplo to bring our customers the highest of quality print finishing equipment. Using Digital print finishing equipment means you can offer customers a quicker turnaround for ordered printing jobs whilst increasing your profit margin with a more cost-effective time saving way to print.

We want what is best for our customers and work with all of them to help them give their customers the highest quality print they could offer. We pride ourselves in the quality in which we can help our customers provide. Whether you are in the printing business or work in an office, there may be a gap in your printing fleet that is needed to be filled by a print finishing machine.

If you want to get any more information about what we offer in terms of print finishing, please contact us here or call us and we’ll be happy to talk about your requirements.