Software Solutions

BBT want to be more than just your printer supplier. We want to offer our customers everything we can to make their printing journey as simple and streamlined as possible with our bespoke software solutions. Not only do they make your life easier when printing, we are keen to ensure we bring you in line with the latest GDPR legislation that is upcoming in May 2018.

If you want to make the life of printing much easier for you then check out our software solutions below. Also make sure to get in contact with us so we can discuss your bespoke requirements with you in more detail.

Secure Printing

Secure Printing


A big issue that is rarely addressed by companies with big fleets of Multifunction devices is the security of documents you send to that fleet. If you are printing critical documents that are confidential or hold personal data, you don’t want your printing to be picked up by the wrong person. With our software solutions we can offer a secure print release that will print your documents when you arrive at the printer which means that you no longer have to worry about the wrong person getting their hands on your documents.


With our printing solutions, all print requests go to a global queue and are held there until they have had the authentication to print securely by the user who printed it. This means you can also monitor who has printed what via our details printer activity that can be view within the admin panel. Our admin panel is the central hub of all things printing within your company. Here you will get full visibility of device activity along with managing print policies for particular users.


You can set cost controls and print policy for all users or drill down and set these for each individual user. If you have users within your company who need a lower printing allowance than others then you can do this here. Our software also allows your users to print from their mobile or they can bring their own device in and print from there. All of this is still controlled by the two-factor authentication.


Your users will also have access to tools that let them know how they are impacting the environment with the printing that they are doing. They also see how much printing budget they have remaining and what restrictions they have if you have set any.

Document Management

Document Management


We can offer a solution that allows you to manage your documents whether they’re online or a paper copy. Having software like this means you can reduce costs and iron out inefficiencies resulting in a better workflow for all employees.


We will evaluate how your business currently runs and help you implement software quickly and efficiently. We then integrate what we believe will be best for you for your document management while also showing your users how the software works so there is no downtime whilst employees learn the new software.

Time Saving

Our management software completely rules out countless hours filing and retrieving documents with intelligent indexing that allows users to fully automate storing their documents in a secure way. Our indexing also has been designed so that they can find documents in seconds by learning how your business accesses documents and optimises the search process.


We can integrate our software seamlessly with your existing applications like email, CRM (Contact relationship management) and resource planning software.

Personalised Printing

Personalised Printing

Email Correspondence Wireless Communication Concept

BBT offer a brilliant Personalised printing solution that their customers can use to personalise an assortment of marketing methods including direct mail. If you do a lot of marketing with printing we can offer you a service that personalises your marketing to help drive sales and show your customers you really care. 


Not only does this software allow you to mail merge to personalise your mail with personalised names and addresses, you can also add personalised images and design for individual users or group of users. It keeps variable data for each contact in your marketing list to make their marketing experience unique and bring you above your competition.


Our software not only personalises your direct mail but can also be integrated with customising your email marketing efforts. Add your customers name into the email or even the subject line to make your business more professional whilst nurturing your customers by making them feel appreciated.

Time Saving

If you do both direct and email there is no need to do the same job twice. Our software solutions allow you to use the same tool to prepare both with shared resources and code snippets that works between the two. It also works with any print service provide as it can be integrated with any database format and design. This flexibility helps any user optimise print output and work with fast, reliable printing on any digital printer.